Domestic Express
A fast and reliable door-to-door express service for Documents, Packages and Non-commercial consignments. With a nationwide network of more than 410 locations, DOMESTIC EXPRESS assures on-time delivery to almost every address across the country

Business Express
A specialised and convenient service designed for the door-to-door distribution of commercial consignments in fixed transit schedules. BUSINESS EXPRESS, a multimodal solution, offers you the flexibility of choosing your preferred mode of delivery – whether ground, air or a combination of both. It allows you the flexibility to manufacture and despatch as per demand and thus helps you streamline inventory by distributing your products when and where required – directly. BUSINESS EXPRESS facilitates effective distribution, with access to one of the most extensive, self-managed distribution networks in the country.

Value Added Services
Some of our value added service options for enhancing customer convenience are:

Cash on Delivery
The consignor sends his consignments with freight and statutory charges payable by the consignee on delivery.

Bill on Delivery
The consignee can receive inbound consignments at his expense, from multiple origins or consignors.

Draft on Delivery
The consignor sends his consignments with statutory charges and the value of consignment to be collected from the consignee against delivery.

Intergrated Logistics Solutions
A single point interface that caters to the Logistics needs of Corporate Houses. A service aimed at providing customised solutions with activities covering Transportation, Distribution, Warehousing and Value Added Services.

Truck Freight Forwarding
For full truck loads to anywhere in India : Jain – Roadways

A unique solution for the logistics requirements of eCommerce – B2B and B2C. eLOGISTICS is adaptable for various models of order fulfilment and value recovery. eTailers / eShoppers can track their consignments through our internet-based tracking system by waybill number or order number. Integrated logistics with internet convenience.